Woodlands Avenue 6, Singapore

· Executive Condo (For Sale)


  • Address: Woodlands Avenue 6, Singapore
  • District: D25 Admiralty / Woodlands
  • Property Type: Executive Condominium (EC)
  • Tenure: Leasehold 99-years (with effect from 19 Dec 2012)
  • Total Units: 418
  • Unit Mix: 2 Br,3 Br, 4 Br, 3 Br TRIO ,4 Br TRIO ,4 Br Deluxe TRIO & Penthouse

Twin Fountains is an Executive Condominium (EC) located at the tranquil neighbourhood of Woodlands Ave 6 / Drive 16. Spend a day of spa-inspired relaxation or splash out with the kids at many hydro fun facilities. There’s plenty at home for the family to enjoy at 6 leisure thematic zones.


Twin Fountains is an ideal home nestled between a waterfront lifestyle hub, Singapore’s premier regional centre in the North. Everything you need is within easy reach – from shopping, dining, education, healthcare, Malaysia weekend getaways, relaxing leisure activities to islandwide connectivity.


Under the latest URA Master Plan, Woodlands will be transformed into a sought-after town to live, work, play and invest

Be Served By Singapore’s Premier Regional Centre In The North

Enjoy the delights of city living at the Woodlands Regional Centre. Shop, dine and watch movies at Causeway Point and Woodlands Civic Centre. A full spectrum of education opportunities awaits your child at institutions such as Innova Primary, Secondary School & Junior College, Singapore American School, Republic Polytechnic and Singapore Sports School.

Experience quality medical care at the upcoming Woodlands General Hospital. Islandwide travel is a breeze via the BKE, SLE and when the North-South Expressway opens in 2020. Enjoy an even quicker ride to the city with the new Thomson MRT line in 2019. Homeowners can expect capital appreciation with a Business & Industrial Hub nearby.

Frolic In The North’s Waterfront Lifestyle Hub

Spend leisurely weekends with loved ones at Woodlands Waterfront Park, an 11-hectare northern coastal park. Go cycling or roller blading while appreciating a scenic sunset. Accompany grandpa on fishing trips and learn a fishing technique or two. Have fun as the little ones romp around the multi-generational playground. Clamber up the netted Sky Bridges and Sky Cabins. Catch a community event at the event plaza. Enjoy restaurant seafood or have a picnic under the stars. Take lots of photos to share with friends online. For more scenic outdoor adventures, cycle to the parks within Woodlands and the reservoirs in the Central Nature Reserve via the park connectors.

Nearby is Primz Biz Hub and upcoming /existing industrial developments near Gambas and Woodlands Industrial Estate.

  • Accessible to various parts of Singapore via SLE, BKE, PIE and short drive to Woodlands Causeway.

Enjoy sea view and various recreation activities at Woodlands Waterfront, a 9-hectare coastal park consisting of a 1.5km long waterfront promenade, nature area, trails and green spaces.


  • Boulder Falls
  • Exotic Garden Trail
  • Gymnasium
  • 3-Generation Fitness Pod
  • 50m Swimming Pool
  • Adventure Fountains
  • Children’s Play Pool
  • Children’s Playground
  • Coral Falls
  • Eclectic Garden
  • Enchanted Garden
  • Eucharis Garden with Resting Pavillion
  • Eugenia Garden with Resting Pavillion
  • Function Room
  • Gateway Fountains
  • Kids Adventure
  • Spa Pool
  • Splash Pool
  • Spring Pavilion (BBQ)
  • Summer Pavilion (BBQ)
  • Sun Deck
  • Sun Island
  • Tennis Court
  • Villa Fountains
  • Villa Pool
  • Villa Spa
  • Water Lounger
  • Water Reflexology
  • Wellness Fountains


Twin Waterfalls Siteplan

For floorplans, LATEST PRICELIST & UNIT AVAILABILITY, just write to us IN THE TEXT BOX BELOW or give us a call at 93366835.

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40) Have you bought, taken over ownership (by way of gift or otherwise) acquired an interest in, sold or transferred (by way of gift or otherwise) a Studio Apartment or flat direct from HDB, an HDB Resale Flat bought under the CPF Housing Grant scheme, DBSS flat or EC unit?

41) Have you taken other forms of housing subsidy (such as taken benefits under the Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS), privatisation of HUDC estate etc.)?

42) Have you unlocked part of the housing equity under the Lease Buyback Scheme (LBS) or transferred a flat under the LBS?

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We have enclosed a Declaration (which shall form part of this application form), and undertakings/other documents (each and every one of which shall form part of this particular form unless the context otherwise required) for your completion.

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